You Will Not Believe These Kids Do Exist – Part 2

9. Charlotte Garside

Charlotte Garside reigns as the unofficial undisputed tiniest girl in the world. With only around 200 other recorded children who suffer from this condition which is know as primordial dwarfism, it is safe to say that Charlotte is considered unlucky. The Estimated odds of her being born with this conditions is less than one to a million.
How it happens is that an infant is born prematurely and fails to regain the gap with other baby born children, weighing into the world just above a kilogram. In comparison to other 9-year-old kids her age, Charlotte Garside looks like a doll, can easily fit into a small backpack.
She had puzzled doctors who had given her less than a year t live. This tiny young lady has enrolled in school and has benefited from the the massive support she gets fro her colleagues.
Do you feel curious about this mysterious condition? You can join the army of scientists who are still failing to deduce a reasonable explanation for what have caused it, and being that rare of disease they even neglected to give it a name.

This story will make sad…
10. Tessa Evans

The worst part about not having a nostril is that you can still can have a cold.
You might think that those are photoshopped, they are not. Tessa has joined a small group of people whom have an incredible misfortune of not having a nose. Those poor souls have to breath through orifices opened in their necks. (tracheostomy).
If you feel not too happy of how they look, you can go and kiss the mirror and thank God for the blessing of being born with all your body parts present and accounted for and in their correct position.
She had received some good news lately, that cosmetic reconstruction is advanced nowadays (thanks, Hollywood!) on the other hand she will have to wait for a little time to be eligible for this type of surgery.
Unfortunately for Tessa, there is no breakthrough in offering her the sense of smell she was born without.

The next boy was lucky to survive. Villagers are so superstitious they tend to kill those that look odd.
11. Deepak Kumar Paswaan

He has a set of arms and legs that are attached to his upper body as a result of a “parasitic twin”, Deepak Kumar Paswaan has earned the name of unlucky due to his rare condition.
Not like most kids who enjoy trouble free life, he has suffered from constant bullying and ridicule caused by his odd looks. Local doctors has advised to proceed with surgery giving him around a year to live.
Acquiring the name “Octo-boy” has benefited his case with spotlight attraction. while the previous photo above went viral back in 2010 and helped deepak’s family to raise the funds needed to rectify his situation to restore him to a normal life.

The next case shows just how far thing can go if left unattended.

12. Didier Montalvo

Didier Montalvo is a kid born with something extra that will make any Ninja Turtle fan Jealous.
He has an abnormal shell-like growth on his back which has nicknamed him “turtle boy”, and thats not the worst part yet. His village elders believes that he is the son of the devil, spawned on earth to purge all those who are not righteous.
As for his condition, surgery was the only way out of this situation, and procedures like that have a high success rate when are handled properly and in time. He went under the knife in 2011 and lost around 20% of his body weight, thats how much of a mole growth he has in proportion to his size.
You might be pleased to know that Didier is now enjoying a regular life and is not carrying that (devil) burden on his back anywhere he goes anymore. His place of birth, Rural Colombia, might not rank as the place with the highest quality of life, but when you are normal again things will get better for sure.

13. Milagros Cerron

For a long time Mermaids were considered as mythical creatures that where only seen by drunk sailors in the middle of the sea.

This Peruvian girl has been born born with her legs fused together, making her lower body look like a mermaid’s tail, in a way.
what can make her case even worse is that she has another birth defect that she has the misfortune of having. She was born with a crooked organs. Her digestive, urinary, and genital systems all share a single orifice, showcasing that nature can sometimes make an awful mistake when assembling a human body.
The surgery that separated her legs was successful, Milagros is going to need extensive reconstruction interventions to be able to live a normal life. Watching her learn to walk has brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

14. Misael Abreu
This 7-year-old was diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome, which is a condition that kidnaps normal body reactions and promotes a state of constant hunger.
Weighing in around 76kg, Misael is a walking time-bomb awaiting to bow at any moment.
Most doctors who have examined this Brazilian boy agreed that his heart is at imminent risk of collapsing. The stress on this heart pumping blood to this oversized body is just too much for it to handle.

The best his parents can do for now is to keep the kitchen locked carefully watch his diet and food intake.

15. Pan Xianhang
Meet this 11-year-old child Pan Xainhang who has one of the rarest skin conditions, also nicknamed as “Fish Boy,” he is able to make a powerful first impression. His entire skin is covered with scales, a condition know as Ichthyosis.
Unfortunately for Pan, modern medicine failed to find a cure, leaving this child in a tight and desperate situation. along side the itch and stigma, these abnormalities is causing disruptions to the body’s ability to swear and control its temperature.
The Last we checked, Pan had a hard time he was sitting have difficulty to fit in with other kids. We are helpless when it comes to watching human behavior while it rejects those who different from us.

16. Roona Begum

Roona Begum is a proof that miracles do exist.

Would you like to hear a gruesome details??

Even though she had a life-saving intervention and the reconstructive surgery that followed, Roona might never regain the ability to communicate with the outside world while displaying an appropriate social skills and enjoying the company of her family.


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You Will Not Believe These Kids Do Exist – Part 2

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