You Will Not Believe These Kids Do Exist – Part 1

Many of us are used to see normal happy children that we often forget just how lucky we are to be born without any birth defects.

Our human body is not produced by a machine and mother nature sometimes fails to follow our genetic blueprint. An extra or a missing part and all sort of congenital disorder can easily made those kids in this list wish they have never existed.
While you read their stories, you might experience a complex set of emotions. Not all of them have happy endings, while science sits aside helpless, and if a miracle came across for a solution, its is too expensive to afford.
A list of 17 people is showcased here to serve the same lesson. We should all be thankful for our health and beyond all else and cherish our “normality”

1- Sam Berns

Sam Berns is one of the most unfortunate souls who has been affected by Progeria.

He primarily became famous through his parents, both are pediatricians, who made a pledge to fight this illness. They have founded a research foundation called Progeria and used their son’s story to raise awareness.
Sam had became a celebrity once his documentary was produced by HBO – “Life According to Sam.” Where he also appeared in a TED video called “My philosophy for a happy life.”
Unfortunately, Sam had passed away in 2014 at the age of 17, yet he looked like like you grandpa, only a bit smaller.

2. Lakshmi Tatma
She is an Indian girl born in 2005 and became an instant headline.

Her name which represents the Hindu Goddess of Wealth, the unlucky girl was born with four legs and arms, and NO she is not the result of a terrible and horrific genetic mutation experiment gone wrong. Her misfortune is from a conjoined twin baby who died at birth and failed to separate while inside the womb.
Lakshmi had received surgery when she was two years old and now looks like a normal typical little girl. The surgery marathon has lasted 27 hours and included 30 of the best Indian surgeons there.

3. Nguyen Xuan Minh

Nguyen Xuan Minh is a Vietnamese bot who has a rare cranium deformation.
Can you guess what might cause this eerie cone-shaped head deformation?
He is one of thousands of children who are born with this anomaly, and what had caused this is Vietnamese War.
And to be more precise, it was Agent Orange, a potent chemical used by the Americans to destroy crops and jungles as they tried to impose control of the countryside. The compounds of Agent Orange were leaked into water and soil which contaminated all future harvest.
Because of his weird looks, 6-year-old Nguyen Xuan Minh became a symbol of the campaign that is pointing the finger at those who are responsible for this. Unfortunately for him and many other Vietnamese children, the chances of surgery and having a healthy life are minimal, and now one can afford their cost.

Imagine what your reaction would be of your next meeting was with an unfortunate kid like him face to face?

4. An Qi

The bullying you have faced in school is nothing compared to what poor An Qi went through.
This unfortunate Chinese kid was born with a rare condition that has triggered an abnormal hair growth on the right side if his face, and yes, the hair keeps on growing and requires constant care and maintenance.
A case like An Qi could help explain how myths of wolverines and werewolves survived to this day. Imagine if an entire body is affected by this abnormal growth which is attached to an intense psychological strain.
A good news might cheer you up to know that those photos of An Qi date back to 2011. This boy’s sad story has impressed some generous hearts. Although it might seem complicated, removing all that hair is a routine intervention compared to what you’ve seen so far in this list.

The next kid have spooked everyone with his rare condition. its a must read…

5. Mohammad Kaleem

Dare to go to school is your hands were this big? how about learning to write?
For this 9-year-old Mohammad Kaleem, these were never questions that might haunts the mind and imagination, that because the people of his small village have treated the matter as a taboo.
Superstitions rank high in rural communities, and Mohammad’s rare form of giant fingers have attracted far more than bullying from another kids, it had caused him to be labeled as “the devil’s child” and was not prohibited to enter school anymore.
Good thing though, his condition has made him highly mediatized, which has attracted the interest of the medical community which made him luckier.
However, don’t get fooled by the false promise of surgery. The is not procedure able to reduce the size of his hands to the normal size of a boy his age. What the doctors were able to do is to stop his hands to continue growing and remove extra tissue that was enough to allow him to perform simple tasks and improve the overall quality of his life.

– Same disease, different body part… coming NEXT.

6. Vredant Joshi

Verdant is another kid who has a different case of gigantism, its has affected his right foot which decided to grow into abnormal proportions.
Life can be tough sometimes when you are unable to function like others. Although his condition doesn’t keep him from walking or running, he gets teased from all the kids in his western India village.
Verdant has puzzled hundreds of doctors who has failed to present other than amputation. Hope is what still remains to raise awareness of his condition might eventually put him in the hands of excellent physicians.

Next… A story better than a written Hollywood scenario…

7. Kang Megru

As a parent there is nothing more terrifying than to see your daughter’s stomach develop epic proportions.
However, Kang Mengru was way too young to be pregnant. Although thats the title many people had used to exploit the story, the medical explanation is simpler to understand.
This Chinese toddler had an incredible misfortune of being born with a twin brother inside of her. This is one of rarest twisted medical conditions that mother nature likes to play with our bodies from time to time.

Up Next, you will be shocked with what this child can do with his body!!

8. Jaspreet Singh Kalra

What Jaspreet is capable of doing is beyond the reach of most of us, and to be as simple as possible its safe to say he is more than flexible. introducing the data the shows why he is nicknamed The Rubber Man.

to be continued in Part 2…


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You Will Not Believe These Kids Do Exist – Part 1

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