Top 10 Arabic Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Arabic Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Arabic Tattoo Designs. Arabia contains a rich history and a huge cultural background, and Arabic language is one of most Beautiful languages in the world. The cursive flow it goes on from one letter to the other has an intriguing look. People from other countries choose letters from this language when they are getting ink on their bodies because the way the leathers look exotic and mysterious.  While for many others the meaning of the other tattoo designs that’s are formed and Arabic is a little bit deeper then superficial looks. Those are the people who haven’t gained fluency in the language for has formed a bond with the Arabic culture after visiting countries like Morocco and Algeria.

Amazing Arabic Tattoos

1. Cursive Arabic words tattoo:

1. Cursive Arabic words tattoo:

Arabic words or phrases that find their way into be coming a tattoo are usually written in a beautiful cursive Arabic script. Whether it’s a short word order long phrase the design of the Arabic calligraphy is it to another unique look.

2. Names in Arab:

3 Kira Arabic Cursive Tattoo

People who see their names written in the Arabic language awfully then to get their names tattooed in Arabic on any part of their body. This is the most common type of tattoos that is requested.

3. Arabic tattoo with the words forming a heart:

4 Cursive Heart Shape Name Tattoo

People tend to request that the words embedded instruction manner that they form the beautiful shape, where the heart is the most request form. This gives the debt to a significant shape while keeping the exotic Arab typography look.

4. Gap design Arabic tattoo:

Special form of writing the Arabic script is the gap design in the Nastaliq script, where the Letters or the phrase is written in a circular motion which will give the tattoo and attractive look even for those who do not read Arabic.

5 Gap design Arabic tattoo

5. Arabic tattoo for love passion freedom:

Love, passion, freedom are the most common words in Arabic tattoos. They are beautiful telecast as they look the same way what they symbolize. The three of them combined together leads to a really breathtaking tattoo.

6 Arabic tattoo for love passion freedom

6. Faith in Arabic:

7 Faith in Arabic - Iman

Another Beautiful looking word and also common in Arabic is Faith. You can have it inked on any part of your body whether it’s the back off your neck for the underside. It fits almost anywhere.

7. Love and peace in Arabic:

8 Love and peace in Arabic

This symbol Indiana is language is beautifully designed for love and peace. Where it flows continuously and curves to look as exquisite as possible, and embeds a beautiful meaning too.