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Dog Paw Prints Make The Most Pawesome Tattoos Ever

Dog Paw Prints Make The Most Pawesome Tattoos Ever. If you are a dog owner then you will understand, the bond between you and your puppy is strong enough that it deserves to be immortalized and celebrated to your precious pooch with a permanent tribute.

For some years now, generic paw tattoo prints are trendy, but these tattoos here have more meaningful ideas. JungleLAD has compiled a list of people who did an exact tattoo replica of their dog’s paw and they are adorable.

These tattoos will live on as tribute to your best buddy, who would always remain with you forever. This trend has been seen to be catching on as a beautiful and personal way to show your love to your fluffy companion.

Do you have your pet’s paw inked yet? Let us know what type you have in the comment section below!

#1 1 dog paw colored tattoo

I really love this one! I might consider to have it. I have been pitching the idea of a paw tattoo inside my head for I little bit of time now. And it is a great idea.

#2 2 dog paw tattoo

That’s a great replica!

#3 3 dog pow colored

Love It!!!

#4 4 dog paw

We’ve got them just like that all over back home, but in mud not ink.

#5 5 dog paw

This one is absolutely stunning! The Hair effect on it looks very realistic. I love it. Looks exactly like my old German shepherd’s paw.


6 dog paw and hand multi color

#7 7 dog paw colored

Love the heart!


8 dog paw trail

So cute!


9 dog paw signature



10 precious dog paw