Strange Creatures That Was Ever Found In Deep Sea

The weirdest creatures ever found in the Deep Sea.
We don’t need to leave our planet to see some aliens anymore. Here they are, thousands of meters below the sea surface, waiting to be found by scientists to give them a name and take photos of them and maybe make the news to scare people off.
Here you can take a look at these creatures that where caught in the depths of the oceans. Most were discovered almost a decade ago, which leads us to know there is still a lot to discover and learn about out home planet.
Horror movies and special effects are nothing in compare to most innovative. our mother nature.

If you think you know everything about sharks, well guess again.
Not too many HD cameras have made it deep down to see this one shark that’s gonna give your nightmares a whole new meaning. This newly discovered Frilled Shark explains why scientists are reluctant in exploring the deep seas, and boy they are right!
Notice its mouth, its not scary as the Great White, you can say. Its size is not too big, dental structure is scary as hell, around 300 teeth are pointed inward, which makes the bite somewhat tricky and means that the only way out is to get eaten first and then try to pull itself out. which is impossible to achieve in a fight or a run situation.

2. Goblin Shark.

What would you do if we told you there is a new species that looks like Xenomorph straight out of the movie Alien?
A very disturbing video revealed for the first time came out a couple of years ago how a Goblin Shark attacks its prey. This strange creature has its jaw protruding and snaps right underneath its long nose.
This Goblin shark is named by marine biologist a “Living Fossil.” It can be traced back hundreds of years back and virtually survived without changing.

3. Blob fish.

The Blobfish looks like a movie star that does not know how to age properly, while accumulating too much botox.

Although no picture are taken for this creature in its natural habitat hundreds of meters below the surface, marine biologists are sure it looks like any other typical fish. However, when it is brought to the surface, the decreased pressure affects its body to swallow to a hilarious size.
One thing is clear for sure, the Blobfish is boneless and has no muscles in its body.

4. Chimaera Fish (Rabbit Fish)

This particular animal has attracted many names over the years because of it morphology. The previous pic show why people like to call it the Rabbit Fish. Good thing it is dead. Imagine those spooky eyes starring deep into your soul?
From another angel, the Chimaera is quite graceful, and many describes its movement underwater like cutting through butter with a hot knife.
Its distant relative it the shark. You can practically call them cousins, separated by a gap of 400 million years since they started to branch out.

5. Fangtooth Fish

The name is well acquired due to well developed denture reasons.
So far it is considered as the species with the biggest teeth in respect to its body size. Reason for them being that big, is because the deep waters is the kind of place where missing out on a meal means starving in the dark for weeks.
The Fangtooth Fish is a small monster whose length is not more than 20cm. it might not be much, but a small group og them can devour your body within minutes.
This creature can be found between 200 and 2000 meters, while some other reports indicates that they can be found at 5000 meters.

6. Giant Spider Crab.

Impressively they are real, and are considered are the living arthropods on earth. Some measure up to five meters, which is very impressive.
Size is what helps it live in the depths of the ocean, as its body needs to be able to resist the unimaginable water pressure. This Giant Spider Crab might be today’s extent, but fossils show scary distant past of this species.

7. Atlantic Wolffish

One look at its face will have you figure out that evolution took no sides with this species. Where scientists who have named this creature were also far from being inspired what so ever.
A photo of its entire body makes it look more like an eel. However, its deep water habitat indicates that the animal conducts a different behavior altogether.
This kind of fish suitable for eating. However, marine biologist consider it as crucial for balancing the ecosystem of the abyss. Its current status is “of concern” which means not too many are still out there.

8. Pink Sea Through Fantasia

You have the permission to raise your eye browse!!
We have almost no information about this strange creature, a team of scientists and photographers firstly laid their eyes on it in 2007. The rare discovery made the headlines by promoting a very bizarre message.
There is no point to keep searching the skies for an alien life forms. The depths of our oceans still have enough mysteries to keep us occupied for the next decade.
The Pink Sky was spotted for the first time in the Celebes Sea (Indonesia) at more than 2,500 meters below the surface of water. This creature looks like a sea cucumber with a simple internal structure.
What is inside the jelly body is what matters most for primitive life form, the digestive system. But it still have a long way to transcend from a full belly to developing consciousness.

9. Australian Ghost Shark.

Imagine your reaction meeting this face to face underwater while scuba diving.
Its is important to know where its mouth is and what it can do. From this photo angel, it looks very complicated. However, you will feel relieved that this creature is about 70cm in length and rarely found in the depths that are suitable for human diving range.
An Australian Ghost Shark is weird enough not to reach the cover of the National Geographic, its genome had made scientist go mad.
It has been discovered that it shares with us a common ancestor that lived 450 million years ago. The Australian Ghost Shark is unique because evolution has skipped one gene away from developing bones instead of cartilages.

10. Black Scabbardfish.

Although it looks very scary in this photo, it is a sight for sore eyes to the Liberian fishermen, they have managed to gain profit from it. The species is found at a depth of 800 to 1300 meters, and we have very little reasons to worry about its survival in the future.
This unique monster is considered as a delicacy through out the Mediterranean world. And of course, you can still include it in your arsenal for nightmares.
Just take a second look at these teeth and imagine the pleasure they would take in piercing through human flesh.


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Strange Creatures That Was Ever Found In Deep Sea

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