Craziest Objects Ever Found By Airport Security.

1. Stuffed Sheriff Armadillo.

Something about a stuffed Armadillo had make everyone laugh except an Australian Customs Officer.
One might think that Australians Customs has something against taxidermy, and too picky when it comes to art.
None of the previous questions are able to explain why a man who have won a prize can’t take it home from Texas to Sydney. You can count that answer will shock you.
Strict laws apply for importing wild life, even on dead animals. One of these laws states that everything that contains genetic material and is from out side of the content get rejected automatically at the airport security check point. Art or Not, the armadillo is native to the Americas and is not welcomed in Aussie Land.
Even a hat, holsters, and sheriff badge has failed to get pass the officers. On the other hand, the man with the armadillo was denied entry and got furious from such regulations and the stuffed animal was shipped back to the states, and was entered in airport’s folklore.

2. 18 Severed Human Heads.

We can say that Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport holds the record for the most disgusting discovery made by flight law enforcers.
18 severed human heads were caught and stopped while on route, but not for the reason you might think of, and no, no serial killer was trying to get rid of his head collection by transporting it through airports located halfway around the world.
This very strange shipment had a very simple purpose. Those heads has been assigned for medical training and were on their way to a facility in Chicago. In fact, the procedure is very common, and airport security knows about it. FYI Human body parts travel more often than you might know.
What raised a red flag this time was an error in the paper work. No foul play, just some bureaucracy that threatens to overtake our world someday.
You might not know about this, could feel like breaking new to you, but some passengers with medical conditions do check in blood, organs, and other nasty stuff. Just make sure yu don’t stair at that medical cooler placed in the over head storage.

3. Gun Stuffed Inside A Mickey Mouse.

The security officers at the T.F.Green International Airport in Warwick, Rhode Island couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered this unusual object.
Hidden inside a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll along side 2 other toy animals contains the parts necessary to assemble a real life handgun. Nothing can escape X-ray vision, not even cute and fluffy stuffed animal.
Obtaining information has stopped here, and to be clear the man responsible for this matter matter didn’t get away with it. He blamed China for the poor quality control had every one laugh hysterically. This man was definitely going to do something radical, either mid air or upon arrival to destination.
Just imagine him tearing stuffed animals after the plan leaves the terminal, it won’t look like Al-Qaeda’s signature if you ask me, but it would be as deadly as it.
This incident shed light on how TSA agents need to be. Even travelers with their children are not risk free most of the times. Try to refrain your tongue from cursing at them to avoid a “Random” pat-down screening.

4. Exotic Fish.

When TSA notices something fishy in your luggage, you can bet you are going to be searched.
A man has attempted to smuggle 240 living fish of all kinds and sizes been doomed to fail at the check point of Los Angeles International Airport. However, not public scene was made, he was asked to quietly ship them via cargo.
Many people has used their luggage to transport strange items, mainly because fewer restrictions are applied to carry on bags than cargo. In this case, the amount of liquids in high quantity needed to transport these alive fish is what raised suspicion.
In case you can’t travel without your gold fish make sure have it in a plastic bag that contains no more that 100ml to be cleared for the plane. The real trouble starts when you want to relocate you whole aquarium at the lost cost possible, then fun will begin!

5. Chastity Belt.

One can never imagine how many people are still using this device till this day.
This device will make you think of mid-evil age maidens are still triggering metal detectors at the airports around the world more often than its been told in the evening news. Imagine the situation and how awkward it can get if you are wearing one and stumbled on an airport security officer who is not willing to make compromise. Damn.
The number one rule in security screening is you keep stripping down until the lights turns green on the metal detector. As for the chastity belt users from them it would mean a naked walk through the airport unless they decide to remove it pre flight. In most cases, passengers are allowed on the plane if the pilot assumed responsibility.

And yes, chastity best for both genders exits.

6. A Giant Wooden Mallet.

In case you want to wack someone over the head during this holiday, don’t forget to bring along your giant ass wooden hammer.
Just messing with you!! But the woman who tried to pass this through the airport as part of her luggage had a big disappointment. Although there are no specific rules that prevent carrying this kind of an item on a plane, but its common sense that bring a large object like that to check it in is going to raise some red flags.
This is not an isolated incident, and it has been linked to an increased popularity to the character of Harley Quinn form Suicide Squad (The Movie) by authorities. The costume is not never complete without the giant mallet. The heavier it is, the more cosplay is authentic and believable.


7. A Baby.

This is new, An Egyptian couple have tried to smuggle a 5 month old baby inside a luggage bag through the airport and got busted by security.
This remarkable case took place in Sharjah International Airport (UAE). What happened was the couple was forced to act this way because they didn’t have a visa for their baby and they were told to wait 2 days in the airport for the immigration office to reopen. Out of desperation they decided to put the baby inside a carry on and proceed through security anyway.
This might sound silly, but the couple were completely unaware that the airport scanners can see inside scanned bags with ease. The mother and father has been arrested for endangering the baby and for being an illegal aliens themselves.

8. Human Skull Fragments

At the Fort Lauder-dale International Airport, and during a routine checkup, security officers have discovered the fragments of an ancient human skull.
You might think, is that so bad? well… before any analysis done to verify its origin, you can bet it will raise airport flags and alerts. That particular security lane instantly became a crime scene and an investigation was open on site.
The women who had them with her at the airport flew them in from Cuba with her, claiming they possess magic spell lifting powers. The suspected cargo was stopped while it was on route going through customs.
After months of investigations and many lab tests and results, the results have concluded that the remains were at least a century old and had no signs of violence on them, and the passenger was entitled to reclaim them.

9. Very Old Cannonball.

Ever imagined how museums transport weapons and other dangerous stuff they uncover?
Here’s a little secret. Archeologists will never fly commercial ever again, they learned that the hard way. A passenger pushing through an 18th century cannonball through security checkpoint is a big no no.
Not he only disrupted airport traffic at the airport, but he lost his collectable prize too. As it has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean by an amateur diver, the TSA took no risk allowing it on the airplane.
So keep in mind the next time you discover a tank dating back to WWII and one of Hitler’s secret nuclear arsenals, do not think for a second you will be labeled as a hero by the customs department and grant you priority boarding and an A-List treatment.

10. Hairbrush Dagger.

A hairbrush dagger can be purchased online. How simple for an evil someone to invent an easy way to promote domestic violence.
Needless to say that packing a brush like this for your city break is not going pass by security at the airport unless you pass by the laziest officer on duty who’s not even willing ot look at the scanner scream to verify your baggage content, well guess again!
The first case to ever be recorded was in Hawaii’s Kahului Airport on Maui Island, then all hell broke loose, which led for new laws to counter act the growing incidents.
Imagining the future had become quite scary, Women’s purse will soon start to contain laser lipstick or a pepper spray mascara. try to pack light to avoid airport trouble and use harmful objects on your husband at home only.
Taking a quick look at the below photo will show how quickly things could go south once a TSA suspects you for hiding something fishy.


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Craziest Objects Ever Found By Airport Security.

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