She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy After 38 Years

After 38 Years She Gave Birth to a Boy

After 38 Years She Gave Birth to a Boy. At the age of 59, this New York woman has been trying to get pregnant until she gave up on getting there with natural method. Where another alternative has presented itself last year, the couple went through a fertility treatment which imposed a great personal risk on the mother’s health and life, until she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy After 38 Years

At the age of 59, Akosiua Budu Amoako, been trying to have a baby for 38 years with her spouse, Isaiah Somuah Anim. She reached a dead-end when her doctor informed her that her fallopian tube is blocked, which is causing a natural pregnancy highly difficult.

She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy After 38 Years

Budu came across some media reports that a 60-year-old women from their hometown in Ghana gave birth to triplets after going through fertility treatment. That news gave them hope again.

They found a clinic in Albany that is willing and can perform a procedure called (IVF) In Vitro Fertilization using an egg from a donor and a sperm from her husband. Dr. Kushru Irani is an (NBEC) Niskayuna’s from Bellevue Women’s Center, tried to discourage them from going through IVF.

He Stated: “I discussed and explained that this procedure has many risks. Badu is pre-diabetic and suffering from some hypertension. Which concerned me about the strain of pregnancy and delivery that can have on her heart”

She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy After 38 Years

“After receiving my opinion they stayed very calm determined. They had a clearly though about this matter for a long time. When a patient makes up his mind about a medical decision it is my duty as a doctor to do my best to care for the patient and keep him in good health. I try to reduce the patients worries in hope to keep his spirits up. That’s the important thing to do during this time.

She gave birth to a healthy 7-pound, 4-ounces baby boy on June 15th, and named him after his father.

Budu said, “We didn’t get much sleep yet, I’m feeling fine, and I think he already knows our voices.”

“Sometimes when he is crying, my husband calls from work and Isaiah hears his voice through the phone, he clams down and stops crying.” She added.

With a great patience and perseverance, their dream finally came true.


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