1 Tribal rites of passage

Sleeve tattoos, a hipster habit?

Sleeve tattoos, a hipster habit? Tattoos are used and tribal identification and more they represent the rites of passage, but nowadays they are reduced to casual declaration.

2 Casual person getting commercial tattoo

“A skeptical tattoo artist sarcastically asks his customers, you do know this is permanent, right?

It’s the year 1999 and I’m in the tattoo parlor in Mill Hill the coffee off British Vogue in my hand to anesthetize my brain. I’m looking forward to have a full sleeve done.

Sadly, the word “permanent” didn’t resonate in my brain whatsoever when I was 20. Tattoo types like Barbed wire around my wrist? Hokusai-style wave design resembling a marble effect in medium strength Castillo cheese?  A black Paisley’s attached together like children’s Jumbo jigsaw into an armor plate? Blocks of Fred’s purple pink and green/Over and indigo layout?  All of the above I have some than one tattoo.