3 ink made from her children’s hair

New Biogenic Tattoos with Ink Made from Human Hair

New Biogenic Tattoos with Ink Made from Human Hair is a new market and industry is becoming highly popular where tattoos are mixed with human hair, cremated remains, and even DNA and it is called “Morbid Ink”

Damien Thorne would like to carry is late to grandmother with him under his skin forever.

As his tattoo artist sprinkles pinch of cremated dashes inside two vials of ink, one black and the other yellow. Where the ink will be used to have a smiley face on his forearm.

“My grandmother used to have smiley faces plastered on her apartment’s wall,” he says. “This is for.”

These biogenic tattoos are done underground for years, but “morbid think” is made to the Falls from some sketchy practices too high-tech business.

Biotech startups has been developing creative methods to mix the inks Live by genetic attitudes including cremated ash, carbonized hair, and even DNA from both the dead and living.

1 Morbid ink smiley face tattoo

The smiley face tattoo is dedicated to his late grandmother.

Currently there are no clear regulations that address this practice properly. The FDA statement was they have not been evaluated its risks yet. But it is safe to say that these tattoos are harmless as long as the ashes has been properly cremated and protected from contamination, says at microbiologist Jason Tetro.

“By using the biological material into a nulled state [through cremation], therefore it becomes safe to inject,” “If the material no longer has a biological function and does not trigger the immune system, then this should be no problem. Basically it is in art as the ink itself”

“No harm can come from the ashes as long as they are stored aseptically and no microbes are introduced to them.”

New morbid ink formulas are you incorporating ashes in favor of achieving a more uniquely personal add-on such as DNA.

Any Live DNA will be recognized by the immune system, but if it is mixed and introduced with a biologically in art carrier such as the ink, then the process should be safe, says Tetro.