How To Get Permanent Tattoo Removed

How To Get Permanent Tattoo Removed

Do you regret getting that tattoo and now you want to know How To Get Permanent Tattoo Removed? Sometimes in the heat of the moment your decision can scar you for life. What looked like a great idea back in the day, might be a great embarrassment by now. If you can relate to this notion and have decided to remove the result of that impulsive decision, then have no worries – you are not alone and plenty of options exist.

Before getting into that, here are a few things you need to keep in mind before going through the process of removing your tattoo:

  • Make up your mind and decide whether you rather do cover it up or be left with the partial tattoo because no tattoo removal process is fully guaranteed. Sometimes, they leave behind a ghost image or a permanent scar.
  • Also one session of treatment is not going to get the job done-you are going to require multiple sessions with an average time between each session from 4 to 6 weeks because your skin needs time to recover and regenerate between these them. However it differs from one person to the other.
  • The success rate of the removing process depends on many factors like the tattoo location, age, and whether it is done by a professional or an amateur (those done by an amateur are much easier to remove because do not contain much ink saturation, depth, and details when compared to the ones done by a professional tattoo artist.
  • Older tattoos are much easier to get rid off than recently acquired tattoo.
  • You should educate yourself and be aware about the potential side effects of hyper-pigmentation which is either from the darkening or lightening of the skin. Which requires a period between 6-12 months to heal. Another potential and dangerous side effect may include scarring, skin burn, change in the texture off the skin, and skin infections.
  • You should refrain from using antibiotics when you are getting a laser tattoo removal as the majority of these drugs trigger a light sensitivity which may delay your healing process.

It is very important to do your research if you have any doubts, do not jump into the process hastily. However, if you are mentally and physically prepared to go through this process, then it is the right time to pick the most effective removing technique out there.

How To Get Permanent Tattoos Removed? – Surgical Methods

1 – Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

This tattoo removal technique is the most safest and preferred out there with minimal side effects. The laser removes the inc. The men’s colors with the high intensity light beam.

If the ink is black then you are in luck because black absorbs old delays in wave-lengths, making it the easiest color to remove. Other colors can be treated by using a selection of lasers depending on the color of their pigmentation.

There are two types of lasers which could be used in the treatment process – ‘Passive’ and ‘Active’ laser tattoo removal system.

  1. i) Passive Laser Treatment

When ‘Passive Laser’ includes the word ‘Laser’ in it, it does not make it fool fool removal method for tattoos. But it is a cheap way to get rid of your tat, but you should not get excited – because this procedure the partially faded out your tattoo. You will find this technique is offered to you by common tattoo salons and beauty clinics. It is very important to know the difference between the medical grade active Q-switched lasers and the ones with the partially removing abilities that common salons and clinics claim they have.

  1. ii) Active Laser Treatment

This method is the single most effective and efficient way to remove tattoos for nearly every color – The Active Laser. And Active Q – Switched (AQS) Laser removal technique is considered an ideal solution by dermatologists. It requires and number of sittings keeping the scarring  risk factor at minimal. With the proper follow-up aftercare for a duration of 6-12 months until it properly he lives.

There are three types of Active Q-Switch Lasers – Nd: YAG, Ruby, and Alexandrite. Each one of them targets a different range of the color spectrum. In most cases two or more Q-Switch laser is used using the process of tattoo removal treatment – which will lead too a great result.