Rethinking ink: How tattoos lost their cool 

How tattoos lost their cool

How tattoos lost their cool, In a previous life, at drama school, it was drummed into me never to get a tattoo. The rationale? However Streep-esque my audition may be, a tattoo would not only distract the director, it would present them with the problem of covering the damned thing up.

It is estimated that around 20 million brits has at least one tattoo.

This happened during the 90s when tattoos were everywhere. You could not get around without noticing Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire wrapped around an upper arm, or spotting a tramp stamp on someone’s lower back, hip or tummy, bouncing off a baggy trouser or a low-rise jeans.

Pamela Anderson tattoo

Back in 1995, Pam Anderson received her infamous ink because off her starring role in the film Barbed Wire and she fancied the makeup ink that was applied during filming. About 19 years after that she lasered it off.

Fast forwarding two 2010, and after her husband was elected as prime minister column Samantha Cameron’s and Coke dolphin tattoo has enforced the claim that tattoos are not only mainstream but also acceptable by posh-girls. For that matter, it has enhanced her husband’s Image. Yet imagine the scandal if 20 years ago Norma Major had had the same.

Today, an estimate off 20 million Brits at least half one tattoo and around 1.5 million pieces off by the art that are annually needled in –supporting an industry that is estimated around 80,000,000 of British pounds in net worth.

Statistics as shown an increase of %440 in revenue from tattoo removal procedures in the past decade. With %39 off adults regretting ever getting the ink in a survey conducted.

Sometimes a small symbol such as a heart, star, angel wings or something similar, as a lower back tatt is popular around Hollywood stars such as Jessica Alba, Drew Barrymore, and even Eva Longoria.